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Q. How long will my Kettle Korn keep? 

A. Your Kettle Korn will easily keep a good few weeks kept airtight in its original packaging. Simply twist the bag down and peg it closed to keep the air out and the YUM in!


Q. Is it all dairy, gluten, peanut and soy free?

A. All our recipes are certified 100% dairy, gluten, peanut and soy free with the only exception being our NEW Pure Butter which *contains dairy. Dig in!


Q. Is it all vegan friendly?

A. Every recipe we offer is 100% vegan friendly with the exception of our ‘NEW Pure Butter’ Kettle Korn. As a duty of care and respect, there is absolutely no cross-contamination between our vegan recipes and our ‘Pure Butter’ recipe.   


Q. Where is it made?

A. Every batch is handmade by us, your Two Korn Chefs, in our purpose-built fully certified mobile Kettle Korn Kitchen, aka The Rig! From seed to table, we are a whole lotta Kiwiana and proud of it!


Q. Do you do events?

A. Absolutely! We specialise in events including large-scale, staff functions, weddings, corporate events, private functions, fairs, fetes, festivals, markets, and on going or one-off bulk orders. You can have us popping fresh Kettle Korn at your event in either The Rig or The Coop, or we can fulfill a bulk order for you of freshly ‘Kettle popped’ Korn, packaged and ready to go. From single serves to large share-bags, we have you covered!


Q. Do you travel outside of Christchurch to large-scale events?

A. Yes, we travel the whole South Island...we go where the crowds & fun times are!


Q. I found a few un-popped kernels in my bag, what do i do?

A. While we endeavour to sift out any un-popped little rascals the odd few will slip through, just discard them. This is completely normal in particular for gourmet handmade Kettle Korn because there is no powered machinery doing the job, it's all proudly popped in a genuine grand ol' kettle, hand-stirred with a paddle then hand-sifted with large scoops until it's perfectly ready to devour! Somebody grab a bowl please!


Q. I found a burnt piece in the bag, what do I do?

A. This is completely normal and happens because a few pieces will simply pop earlier than others during the fist few moments of getting our Kettle fired up to the optimal temperature. It does not mean the batch is burnt, just discard any burnt pieces and get back to enjoying your Korn stash! 


Q. Can we find you somewhere weekly in Christchurch?

A. Yes, we are at Riccarton Sunday Market every week in Row K 22/23. We would love to see you! Follow your nose, you may just smell our Kettle Korn wafting through the air long before you find us and don't forget to check out our FB stories & Insta highlights for our Rig Gigs so you know where to find us every week.

Occasionally, other ‘Sunday’ events will mean we’re away from Riccarton Market, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause. 


Q. If I place an order and opt to 'pick-up' from you, where are you based?

A. We are based in Spreydon, Christchurch. We have loads of parking and easy, safe access. 


Q. If I place an order for 'pick-up', how do I sort a preferred day/time?

A. Easy, please leave us a message at checkout or text us on 0211648736 with your preferred day/time.


Q. Is there any other way I can keep my Kettle Korn in perfect condition for longer than a few weeks?

A. Yes, you can freeze it for a good few months! It won't freeze to a solid (kinda like how some liquids don't freeze) but will just be in there chillin' out, so stock up! Keep it in it's original packaging and let it 'chill' until you are ready to shhhnack some more! If you have an extra freezer bag to pop over the top of each Kettle Korn bag that just adds even more freezer proofing so layer 'em up and enjoy!


Q. Is your Kettle Korn in the Supermarkets?

A. Proudly, no. We do not retail and that's just the way we like it. We pop it fresh for YOU not for the middle man's retail-shelf, often for weeks on end. In return for choosing to shop with our small local  'hubby & wife' business you’ll always get the very best, freshly popped small batches of goodness created with trusted, deserving ingredients. What a sweet deal! Always popped with love, always stirred with attitude!


Q. I'm placing my order as a gift, do you have a card that can be added to my order?

A. Yes, just click on our complimentary cards and let us know the short message you'd like on the card in the ‘notes’ section at checkout.