A Peek Inside The Pantry

You know how certain smells take you back? Kettle Korn wafting through the air is definitely one of those! It takes us back to gathering around the stove with huge eyes and hungry bellies, trying to keep the popcorn pot lid from exploding off while someone else shook madly so the popcorn didn't burn! It was about family, and hauling our mattresses out into the lounge, snuggled in with blankets and favourite movies while stuffing our faces with freshly popped corn...9 years ago we set about sharing some of those memories with you and making many new ones along the way.

We are Shane & Sheree, husband & wife and parents of 3. Proud creators of our small Christchurch based business boasting a serious love of all things Kettle Korn! Starting out at a local Sunday market in a humble yellow marquee, we were incredibly passionate about ingraining ourselves in the South Island Event sector - we needed to get road-trip ready! Three years & many Sunday's on we custom built our first set of wheels and 'The Rig' was finally ready to hit the road. And we were a little bit proud of that!


In keeping a healthy calendar of events, we quickly learned that many great events seem to happen on the same day, if it doesn’t rain it pours! So I put hubby to work and 'The Coop' was built! Just like the cutest little Wendy house of childhood dreams…she was complete with a flower box, a secret door and even a stained glass window!


2020-2022...oh what a few years! It has brought about some truely tough times for us all. As a small local business who has always relied on events in order to operate, we now also feel the importance of making our Kettle Korn available to you online with offerings of safe, contactless pickup in Spreydon, Christchurch & convenient nationwide shipping. If you can't come to the show...then we will bring the show to you!  


To this day we love popping fresh Korn for you and it’s no secret that like you, we love eating it too! After all, there’s no better way to ensure each batch is popped to perfection than to try it first hand. I mean, what a job...someone’s gotta do it! Of course the most important thing isn’t what we think, but what you tell us.

Hearing that you can taste the difference in the freshness, & the pared back, simple homely ingredients genuinely makes our day! We also think our grand old Kettle holds a few secrets of her own. Nothing compares to the taste that can only be created by firing her up, stirring each batch lovingly by hand and knowing when to infuse each ingredient at just the right moment. That is why we do not retail and you won’t find us on your supermarket shelves, because we want to pass that small-batch freshness, and the no-middle-man savings directly onto you too with each bag hand-packed full to the twisty-tie with good, honest as heck kiwiana Kettle Korn, no bagged air! 


When you choose to shop with us you are genuinely supporting small local business & we can't thank you enough for your ongoing support. We hope this is where your best Kettle Korn memories begin. And while we don’t expect you’ll want to share your delicious stash any time soon...please go ahead and share our story so others can love our Kettle Korn too!

Shane & Sheree, Your Two Korn Chefs